Robert Butts

Sciatic Nerve Pain

During the pregnancy of my third child I developed sciatic nerve pain in my left lower back and leg.

The pain would come and go for a period of five months. The year after my third child was born I continued to have sciatic pain off and on but the pain was more manageable. After Four Months of moving to live in Brisbane, Austrilia, one morning I woke up with excrutiating sciatic pain which went all the way down my left leg. The pain was so severe I could barely walk.

I had been trying to endure the pain for a few days when I received a call from a relative who told me about the Water Cure. While still talking to her I started drinking water and took some salt from my kitchen cupboard.

When I woke up the following morning, the pain had diminished considerably. I couldn't stand the taste of salt on my tongue so I added it to my food and continued to drink water. By the following day the pain was only a slight niggle, hardly even noticeable. By the end of the second day, the pain was completely gone.

A few days later I got a bit slack and didn't drink very much water and noticed the pain began to return. So I began drinking water the next day and before long the pain had dissappeared again.

Written by a Mother of 3.(Brisbane)

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