My 4 Year Old's Asthma

My Four Year Old Son had suffered from asthma since he was 6 months old. His asthma was seasonal, with symptoms of the flu showing around the start of winter, followed by a severe asthma attack while asleep at night. We had become accustomed to his ventolin inhaler giving him minimal relief (if any), and having to race him off to the hospital for high doses of ventolin, prednisolone and oxygen.

This winter was very different, thanks to where I read the following:

The best natural antihistamine is salt, according to Dr. Batmanghelidj. If we take too much water and don't take enough salt for our water intake, the body will release histamine. You can tell when you get a runny nose or possibly by having some congestion in your throat and lungs. If you are constantly clearing your throat, you need to take some salt . The same is true when eating foods rich in potassium or drinking fruit juices and not taking enough salt for the potassium in the juices. You can get a runny nose or have congestion in your throat or lungs. Too much salt intake will also cause the release of excess histamine and again you will get the runny nose or congestion in the throat or lungs. A person's eyes could also be an indicator of histamine release in the body by giving them a watery (runny) eye. When you drink water and have one of the symptoms listed, then you need to put some salt on your tongue and the symptom should clear up. If you are eating food and have one of the listed symptoms then you need to take some salt for the potassium. Just put some salt on your tongue and if it stops the symptom, then you know what you are reading is true. It won't hurt you to try it. You don't have to swallow the salt, just let it stay on your tongue for a minute or two and then you can rinse the salt out of your mouth or just release it into a cup or napkin. If you took too much salt or put some salt on your tongue and have one of the symptoms, then you would drink a glass of water or two and the symptom would go away. Each person needs to be aware of their symptoms, and try to find the proper balance of water to salt as well as the required amount of salt for the foods they are eating.

My son had not long gone to bed when I read this paragraph, and being aware that the night time usually brought on an attack I decided to put a pinch of salt between his lips while he was sleeping. At the time his symptoms were a mild wheeze, crackling chest and runny nose. Within half an hour all of these asthma and flu symptoms had totally disappeared and he slept like a baby all night.

As the day wore on his symptoms returned and I continued to treat them with a pinch of salt. I began to notice that the more salt he had the quicker his recovery was. And then finally that night while sleeping, I went into check him and noticed he was wheezing a little. So I put a pinch of salt in his mouth and just sat there and watched him. I noticed each breath get quieter and deeper until again all symptoms were totally gone. All in the space of 2 minutes, and that's being generous on time.

Written by the owner of this website.(Melbourne)

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