Here we've provided an Itemized List of the Water Cure Recipe so you can see exactly what's involved in the Water Cure Protocol.  While it's common that most people experience tremendous results from just increasing their water and UNREFINED salt intake, it is recommended that you try to follow the whole protocol in order to experience maximum results.  Click here for a Print Friendly version.


Calculate your needs using one of the following calculators:

Ounces & Pounds Calculator

Kilograms & Litres Calculator

Follow the recommendations shown on these pages for distributing your water throughout the day .  The best way for taking the UNREFINED salt (from our experience) is to take a dab on your tongue with each glass of water.


Artificial Sweetners, Coffee, Tea, Sodas, Smoking, Alcohol, Chocolate & Ginseng (ginseng works like caffeine). Caffeine and Alcohol act as a diuretic by forcing water out of the body.


At Breakfast, Lunch and Evening meal choose one of the following food groups:

At least 2 eggs every day.  If sick, 4 or more eggs.

Beans - red, white, kidney, pinto, green, lentils, lima

Nuts - 1 or 2 handfuls. pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews or brazil nuts.

Cottage cheese (4%)

Yogurt – Yoplait Original or Stonyfield are the best. Do not use artificial sweeteners.

Now add the following 2 food groups:

Fresh fruits - cantaloupe, apple, peach, pear nectarine, melon, banana etc.

Fresh vegetables – broccoli, green beans, snow peas, celery, carrots, squash, cabbage, ETC.. (raw, sliced broccoli stems with dressing OK).


Walk morning & evening (mall, treadmill, around the block).

Get at least 15 minutes of sunlight 2 times a day. Expose as much skin as possible.

You should strive to drink at least 1 (8 oz) glass of Orange Juice every morning. “No pulp” and “not from concentrate” is the best. You need 1/8 tsp (3 g) of salt per 8 oz Orange Juice so that your body can utilize the potassium in the orange juice.

(If a person has any breathing problems such as asthma, they should limit their orange juice intake to one, at most, two glasses a day.)

NOTE: If you’re tired, take a glass of water and eat some salt. If you still feel tired 10-15 minutes later, then take a glass of orange juice with salt as described above. Any time you feel you need water, drink some. If you feel hungry (when it’s not your scheduled time to eat), first drink some water and eat the salt and wait ½ hour. If you still feel hungry, have something to eat.


Acidophilus or a good pro-biotic – Good bacteria needed by intestines. Take one with each meal. (pill form) 4 billion per pill is best.

Beta Carotene - Eat one or two medium raw carrots, with skin, per day.

B-6 – 100mg after breakfast and evening meal. The body uses up B-6 every day.

Zinc - 50mg after breakfast and evening meal. This is for stress. The body uses up zinc every day. Males also take 50mg after noon meal also. When body is low in zinc, it borrows it from the prostate.

Vitamin C – 500 mg after breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Time released with rose hips are best.

Vitamin E – 400 IU with 100 micrograms of selenium. (You can buy the capsules that combine the two together. Take 1 after breakfast and evening meals.

Flax Seed Oil – 6 -9 grams. Two capsules after breakfast, lunch and evening meal. This does not apply to young children or to the underweight elderly.

Multi-Vitamin – Take one good multi-vitamin tablet 2 times a day or Swanson whole food multi--1 three times daily with meals.

Kelp (Iodine) – 150 mcg - 1 per day if it is not in your multi-vitamin.

Chlorophyll – Take 1 tablespoon of liquid 2-3 times daily. You can buy DeSouza’s liquid chlorophyll at a low cost from chlorophyll morning and evening or Swanson Vitamins chlorophyll capsules.


Going to the bathroom after one week of doing the water and salt – your stool will become light yellow, brown or light green, float, have little odor and can be 1-2 feet in length. You should be using very little paper.

Going to the bathroom will have little color except after eating meals or taking vitamins. You will be going a lot, but the time will get longer in between visits to the bathroom. Water taken first time in morning will be passed quickly.

If your eyelids, ankles or fingers swell, then you’re getting too much salt. Drink your next couple glasses or bottles of water without using salt. Suggestion: when you restart the salt, reduce a little from the original amount. However, if you get muscle cramps, you need more salt. Add a little salt to your fruit or take extra salt on your food.

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